• If you or anyone in your household is ill or showing signs of Covid-19 please DO NOT attend your appointment and call the salon to rearrange. Our cancellation policy does not apply in this circumstance so you can cancel anytime.

  • Masks must be worn in accordance with government guidelines when attending the salon.
  • Please be on time to your appointment. We will be working to a tight schedule to fit you all in, so showing up late may impact the next customer's appointment. If you are more than 15 mins late you will be asked to reschedule your appointment, please phone ahead if you think you are going to be late. 

  • Dogs are to be dropped off behind the glass door separating the shop and salon. Please remove their collar, lead & any accessories and take them home. Please make sure the door is secure before you leave the salon. We will use our own collar and lead in the salon if needed and this will be disinfected between use. 

  • We will only allow one person in the salon at any one time so please be understanding and patient, when you arrive for your appointment you are not allowed to enter until the last customer has left.  In this circumstance please follow the 2 meter distancing rules and wait outside.

  • Under no circumstances will you be allowed to stay with your dog, you will receive a text when your dog is ready for collection. 

  • Once you have arrived at the salon, please come in to the shop area and close the main door, we will then let your dog in to you.  

  • Payment can be made by contactless using the card reader on the desk up to a value of £45, chip and pin can be used above this value. If you need to pay by cash please ensure you have the correct money and this is placed in the money jar provided. We wont be providing change however any over payments can be credited to your account for future grooms.

  • Remote payment's can also be made online via a payment link. If required please request a payment link when dropping off your dog. You will receive this via text message or email and payment can be made securely before collection. 

  • If your dog is extremely matted we will have no choice but to take them shorter, we may not be able to de-matt with just a brush, brushing excessive matting can be very painful for your dog. 

Personal Protective Equipment & Cleaning

  • A wipeable apron will be worn by all staff during each groom which will be disinfected between dogs. 

  • A face-covering/visor will be worn by all staff

  • All dogs will be taken straight to the bath before any grooming procedure can begin. It has been said the Covid-19 could sit on the dogs coat and so bathing them will help to remove any contamination. 

  • All equipment and workstations used will be sanitised between each groom.

  • The salon will be fully disinfected at the end of each day.

  • Hand sanitiser is available to customers on the reception desk.

  • The card system will be cleaned between each use.

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