Our puppy pamper package is the ideal package for puppies to experience the salon and the stages of grooming before they have their first proper full groom. This is ideal for all puppies over the age of 12 weeks that have had both their injections and been given the all clear from the vets. 

This package is broken down in to 5 sessions to give your pup an insight in to the grooming environment and all its equipment in a relaxed and slow paced way. Rushing your puppy in to their first full groom or waiting till they are 6/7 months before visiting the grooming salon, can be scary for them and cause issues later on in their grooming routine. You want your puppy to be relaxed and enjoy the grooming process as much as they can!

So whats included in this package? 

Session 1- socialisation with staff, salon and introduction to the grooming table. Comb through of their coat and nails trimmed. 

Session 2- socialisation, comb through of their coat, an introduction to face, feet and bottom trimming.

Session 3- socialisation, comb through of their coat, an introduction to hygiene trimming (armpits/groin/bottom). An introduction to the dryer and bath.

Session 4- bath, blow-dry and comb out.

Session 5 The full groom! this includes a full style or deshed depending on breed. (Ideally this last session wants to be taken when your pup is around 6 months).

Each session builds on the last and we will return to an area if your puppy is unsure of anything ie tickly paws. If there is a certain area your puppy is unsure of we will also ask that you work on this at home to help with the easy transition to their full groom. 

You will also get a free puppy gift bag worth up to the value of £10.

Once you have booked your first session, we will prebook in all remaining sessions following your first visit.

Suitable for puppies under 6 months old
Small Medium Large Giant
£105 £115 £125 Enquire


 Please call 07702672991 to discuss booking.

Our price is based on your pets coat being in reasonable condition, matted coats require more work, therefore extra time maybe required and an extra charge may be incurred.

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