Stress free Ultrasonic teeth cleaning

Cleans under the gum line, in between teeth
Reduces plaque and tartar formation
Decreases mouth odour
Optimises blood circulation and  lymphatic flow through the mouth
Stimulate healing and regeneration of wounds and damaged tissue

It generally takes between 2-5 sessions to see results.


The initial session lasts 30 minutes and costs £38
The maintenance sessions last 15 minutes and costs £2​8
We offer a maintenance programme which includes 1 x initial session and 5 x maintenance sessions for a discounted price of £145
To keep your Furry Friends teeth in a good condition after the maintenance programme we recommend you book our teeth cleaning service whilst having a groom or bath session. This is an extra £23 on top of our standard groom and bath prices.​

Please note you will need to have the initial session before any maintenance sessions. At the initial session we will recommend the best course of action depending on the condition of your dogs teeth.​
When is ultrasonic teeth cleaning not suitable?​

We recommend veterinary advice if:​
Your dog is aggressive around the mouth
Has holes in their teeth
Gums have receded
Signs of infection 
Chronic tartar
Abnormalities or growths 
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