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Vita Canis Calming Floral Spray-100ml
Vita Canis Calming Floral Spray has a natural calming and balancing quality, therefore providing ultimate relaxation for your dog.This vegan and cruelty free blend of essential oils and hydrosols, helps your dog to deal with stress the natural way.Calming Floral...
Nolattie Dog Sanctuary Calming Candle
This beautiful handmade, hand poured candle offers a natural alternative for your Four legged family member who suffers anxiety or may be fearful.  Anxiety in dogs can be triggered for a number of reasons; noise, storms, visitors, loneliness etc...The 'Dogs...
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Vita Canis Comfort Blend- 100ml
Comfort Blend is a 100%  natural dog anxiety relief. Vita Canis Comfort Blend is an unique blend of essential oils in sweet almond oil. It can be used with dogs and large animals suffering from separation anxiety, distress, sadness, homesickness...
Pet Remedy Calming Spray - 200ml
Pet Remedy Calming Spray - 200ml A natural spray to tackle stress and anxiety in animals Contains a blend of Valerian Essential Oil, Vetiver, Sweet Basil and Sage Clinically proven and works straight away As used and recommended by Vets...
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Pooch & Mutt Calm and Relaxed Mini Bone Dog Treats
Pooch & Mutt Calm and Relaxed Mini Bone Dog Treats  These Calm and Relaxed Dog treats by Pooch and Mutt are a Natural, Ethical, Low calorie, Gluten-free and Hand-baked Mini-bone treat with added Chamomile and L-tryptophan to help keep your...
Pet Remedy Dog Calming Luxury Bandana Kit
Pet Remedy Dog Calming Luxury Bandana Kit This kit includes a luxury bandana with 15ml Pet Remedy Calming Spray. In stressful situations, simply spray Pet Remedy a couple of times on yhe bandana. The calming effect will start to help...
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