Poochs Apple, Ginger & Goats Yoghurt Snaps (Gluten Free)
Poochs Apple, Ginger & Goats Yoghurt Snaps (Gluten Free) For those dogs who are allergic to meat & for dogs that have many different allergies. After a little research, baking, tasting & testing Poochs would like to introduce the Gluten...
Poochs Liver & Bacon Bones
A very popular Meaty treat with our doggy clients. Liver if full of Protein & Vitamin A. Composition; Ox Liver (30%)- Bacon (5%) Semolina – Oats –  Bran – Rapeseed Oil Typical Analysis: Crude Protein 16.7 g/100gm – Crude Oil...
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Poochs Pork Scratchings (Gluten/Grain Free)
100% Pork Skin.Slowly bakedTypical Analysis –Crude Protein 49.8%, Crude Oil 47.7%,Crude Fibre 6.4%, Crude Ash 1.3%
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Poochs Puppy & Senior Beef Chewie (Grain/Gluten Free)
100% Beef No artificial additives Gluten- and lactose-free Hypoallergenic Low-Fat Easy to digest Helps support healthy teeth and gums Made of 100% beef – the perfect size and texture for petite pups and senior dogs Puppies like to chew on...
Poochs Roast Beef Bones
Poochs Roast Beef Bones Very low fat meaty treat. Contains 30% total meat content, which is very hard to beat!Beef Heart contains Selenium, phosphorous & zinc, all of which help build muscle & increased collagen which is essential for healthy...
Poochs Steak & Kidney Bones
A very popular biscuit with all our regulars! Contains 40% total meat content per 100gms, which is very hard to beat!Full of Selenium, Phosphorous & Zinc which helps build muscle. Composition; Beef Skirt (30%) Pigs Kidney (5%) Semolina,  Oats, Bran,...
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Poochs Train ‘n’ Treat Turkey “Shake & Watch Them Come”(Gluten/Grain Free)
Fantastic Training aid – Gently air dried 100% Turkey – No additives, preservatives. Shake the pocket size tube and watch them come running to you! Composition: Turkey Typical Analysis: protein 53,8 %, fat 25,3 %, ash 6,6 % Size of...
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